Definition of Genus Bombus

1. Noun. Bumblebees.

Exact synonyms: Bombus
Generic synonyms: Arthropod Genus
Group relationships: Apidae, Family Apidae
Member holonyms: Bumblebee, Humblebee

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Literary usage of Genus Bombus

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Zoologist: A Popular Miscellany of Natural History by Edward Newman (1844)
"The species of the genus Bombus are indeed difficult to be determined, and the difficulty is increased from the colour of the hairs being so liable to ..."

2. An Introduction to the Modern Classification of Insects: Founded on the by John Obadiah Westwood (1840)
"The humble bees, composing the genus Bombus*, are at once known by their large and very hairy bodies : they are the largest species of the Mellifera found ..."

3. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Philadelphia by American Entomological Society, Entomological Society of Philadelphia (1864)
"Piez. creates the genus Bombus and places Drury's species in that genus; he also describes under the genus Centris, a species which he calls Carolina, ..."

4. Biodiversity and the Management of the Madrean Archipelago: The Sky Islands edited by Leonard F. DeBano (1999)
"Bumblebees, the genus Bombus, of which Arizona has roughly 5 species (quite depauperate compared with bumblebee faunas from ..."

5. Entomological News and Proceedings of the Entomological Section of the by Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia Entomological Section (1900)
"Genus BOMBUS Fabr. 73. B. sp? a var. of B. howardi ? 74. Gen ? sp ? Family ICHNEUMONID^E. I am indebted to Mr. WJ Fox for the identification of the ..."

6. Chamber's Encyclopaedia: A Dictionary of Universal Knowledge (1888)
"The genus Bombus includes one hundred species, of which twenty are British. Uf all the wild liées, the species of Bombus ( humble-bee ) are the most ..."

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