Definition of Genus Pyrocephalus

1. Noun. A genus of Tyrannidae.

Exact synonyms: Pyrocephalus
Generic synonyms: Bird Genus
Group relationships: Superfamily Tyrannidae, Tyrannidae
Member holonyms: Firebird, Pyrocephalus Rubinus Mexicanus, Vermillion Flycatcher

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Literary usage of Genus Pyrocephalus

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Code of Nomenclature and Check-list of North American Birds Adopted by by American Ornithologists' Union (1886)
"HAB. Western New Mexico and Southern Arizona, south probably into Western Mexico. genus Pyrocephalus GOULD. Pyrocephalus GOULD, Zool. Voy. Beag. 1841, 44. ..."

2. Biological Lectures Delivered at the Marine Biological Laboratory of Wood's (1895)
"The specimens on Jervis and James were the same ; but each other island showed its peculiar species. The genus Pyrocephalus was found on Albemarle, Jervis, ..."

3. Memoirs of Hugh Edwin Strickland by Hugh Edwin Strickland, William Jardine (1858)
"... to Gould's genus Pyrocephalus, a very distinct form from the present bird. Above olive-green, beneath bright yellow; wings dusky, the covers broadly, ..."

4. Handbook of Birds of the Western United States: Including the Great Plains by Florence Merriam Bailey (1921)
"... pit', of a pair he was watching was varied by a great number of other notes, among them the chicky-whew of the male. genus Pyrocephalus. 471. ..."

5. Western Birds by Harriet Williams Myers (1922)
"genus Pyrocephalus: VERMILION FLYCATCHER. Vermilion Flycatcher: Pyrocephalus rubinus mexi- canus. FAMILY—FLYCATCHERS. WE turn with relief from the group of ..."

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