Definition of Genus pulsatilla

1. Noun. Includes a group of plants that in some classifications are included in the genus Anemone: pasqueflowers.

Exact synonyms: Pulsatilla
Generic synonyms: Magnoliid Dicot Genus
Group relationships: Buttercup Family, Crowfoot Family, Family Ranunculaceae, Ranunculaceae
Member holonyms: Pasque Flower, Pasqueflower

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Literary usage of Genus pulsatilla

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Materia Medica and Special Therapeutics of the New Remedies by Edwin Moses Hale (1875)
""Perhaps," he says, "the medicinal species of the genus Pulsatilla, which I believe have been reported by some to be narcotic, of a non-sedative, ..."

2. The Flora of Berkshire: Being a Topographical and Historical Account of the by George Claridge Druce (1897)
"In the Flora of Oxfordshire the genus Pulsatilla is kept distinct from that of Anemone, the chief distinction being that the former has feathery styles, ..."

3. Gray's School and Field Book of Botany: Consisting of "First Lessons in by Asa Gray (1880)
"Long hairy styles form feathery tails to thf akènes, like those of Virgin's- Bower: fl. large, purple, in early sprint/. 'J'/ie genus PULSATILLA of some ..."

4. The Rhododendron and "American Plants": A Treatise on the Culture by Edward Sprague Rand (1871)
"The sub-genus, Pulsatilla, contains several species of spring-blooming plants, with dull purple flowers : in bloom they are not very showy, but the long- ..."

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