Definition of Home computer

1. Noun. A computer intended for use in the home.

Definition of Home computer

1. Noun. (computer hardware) A computer intended for use in the home. ¹

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Literary usage of Home computer

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. OECD Information Technology Outlook: ICTs and the Information Economy by Graham Vickery (2002)
"Households with access to a home computer, ... Internet access via a home computer; for other countries access via any device (computer, phone. TV, etc.1. ..."

2. Digest of Education Statistics (1999) edited by Thomas D. Snyder (2000)
"(This table was prepared October 1998.) Table 433.—Percent of student home computer users using specific applications, by selected characteristics: ..."

3. An Educator's Guide to Evaluating the Use of Technology in Schools & Classrooms by Sherri Quinones, Rita Kirshstein (2000)
"If you own a computer, answer the following: Does your home computer ... Does your home computer have Internet access? Can you access First Class from home? ..."

4. Personal Finance by Robert S. Rosefsky (2001)
"Popular uses of the home computer include accessing the Internet, ... Shopping for a home computer, programs, and games will take a lot of careful homework. ..."

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