Definition of Home brew

1. Noun. An alcoholic beverage (especially beer) made at home.

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Literary usage of Home brew

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Marion Harland's Complete Cook Book: A Practical and Exhaustive Manual of by Marion Harland (1906)
"THE home brew Tea (hot) First. Never buy poor, cheap tea. It is the dearest in the end, in every sense of* the word, being unwholesome, unpalatable and ..."

2. The Poetical Works of Ebenezer Elliott by Ebenezer Elliott (1876)
"But I read news at second-hand, Nor find it flat and stale ; While Hume's or Hindley's health I drink In home-brew'd ale. My boys and girls delight to see ..."

3. Genetics Testing in the New Millennium: Advances, Standards and Implications edited by Constance A. Morella (2001)
"This rule specifies general controls for the active ingredients - also known as analyte specific reagents(ASRs) - of "home brew" assays. ..."

4. The Sportsman's Vocal Cabinet by Charles Armiger (1830)
"It lengthens out our thread of life, Improves the bard's design, And often stills the tongue of strife— This home-brew'd barley wine. ..."

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