Definition of Libertarian

1. Noun. An advocate of libertarianism.

Generic synonyms: Advocate, Advocator, Exponent, Proponent
Specialized synonyms: Civil Libertarian, Economic Libertarian

2. Noun. Someone who believes the doctrine of free will.
Generic synonyms: Philosopher
Antonyms: Necessitarian

Definition of Libertarian

1. a. Pertaining to liberty, or to the doctrine of free will, as opposed to the doctrine of necessity.

2. n. One who holds to the doctrine of free will.

Definition of Libertarian

1. Proper noun. (politics) A member of a political party or movement that uses the term "Libertarian" in its name (e.g., the Libertarian Party of the United States); one who is likely to support policies that are libertarian. ¹

2. Noun. One who advocates liberty either generally or on a specific issue, e.g. "civil libertarian" (in favour of civil liberties). ¹

3. Noun. (Chiefly American English) A believer in a political doctrine that emphasizes individual liberty and a lack of governmental regulation and oversight both in matters of the economy ('free market') and in personal behavior where no one's rights are being violated or threatened. Also 'classical liberal', akin to 'anarcho-capitalist'. ¹

4. Noun. (chiefly Europe) An anarchist, typically with socialist implications. ¹

5. Noun. In the philosophy branch of metaphysics, a believer in thinking beings' freedom to choose their own destiny, i.e. a believer in free will as opposed to those who believe the future is predetermined. ¹

6. Noun. (US prefixed to "Republican") a member of the Republican Party (especially a legislator) who emphasizes economic and Constitutional, rather than religious and personal, aspects of the party's platform. ¹

7. Adjective. Relating to the beliefs of libertarians, as in, "He has ''libertarian'' views". A relative tendency towards liberty, as in "''libertarian'' capitalist". ¹

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Definition of Libertarian

1. [n -S]

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Literary usage of Libertarian

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"libertarian Justice: A Natural Rights Approach Tibor R. Machan ... This is a bit misleading because among libertarian political thinkers the idea of justice ..."

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"Yet we may as well say that we, for our part, are just as far as may be from admitting the libertarian side to be other than stronger in recent ..."

5. Lessons of the World-war by Augustin Frédéric Hamon (1919)
"... federalized and libertarian Socialism—The spread of the Socialist ideal and the growth of the forces of Socialism under the influence of the war. ..."

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