Definition of Marriage license

1. Noun. A license authorizing two people to marry.

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Literary usage of Marriage license

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. South Eastern Reporter by West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, West Publishing Company, South Carolina Supreme Court (1912)
"... 2088, which declares that every register of deeds shall, on application, issue a marriage license, provided it shall appear to him probable that there ..."

2. The Code of Virginia: With the Declaration of Independence and Constitution by Virginia, John Mercer Patton, Conway Robinson (1849)
"OF MARRIAGE. n° (marriage license; how issued and *• / ...i— ... marriage license. § 1. Every license for a marriage shall be issued by the i R. с. р зев, ..."

3. American Marriage Laws in Their Social Aspects ...: A Digest by Fred Smith Hall, Elisabeth Winston Brooke (1919)
"THE marriage license a. Requirement. All states have some sort of a license provision, but only one state, Wisconsin, has followed the recommendation of the ..."

4. Cyclopedia of American Government by Andrew Cunningham McLaughlin, Albert Bushnell Hart (1914)
"marriage license.—The requirement of a license is the most effective means by ... The proposed Uniform Marriage and marriage license Act, drafted by the ..."

5. English Literature from Widsith to the Death of Chaucer: A Source Book by Allen Rogers Benham (1916)
"73 We shall quote here Mr. Macaulay's paraphrase of the marriage-license, his version of ... The contents of the marriage-license are as follows: "25 Jan. ..."

6. A Treatise on Crimes and Misdemeanors by William Oldnall Russell, Charles Sprengel Greaves (1877)
"To make a false oath in order to procure a marriage license from aa officer empowered to grant such license is a misdemeanor; because it is a step towards ..."

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