Definition of Metal glove

1. Noun. A glove of armored leather; protects the hand.

Exact synonyms: Gantlet, Gauntlet
Group relationships: Body Armor, Body Armour, Cataphract, Coat Of Mail, Suit Of Armor, Suit Of Armour
Generic synonyms: Glove

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Literary usage of Metal glove

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Journal of the American Chemical Society by American Chemical Society (1879)
"... specially constructed metal glove box. The atmosphere in the glove box was continuously circulated through a purification system consisting of two Dry ..."

2. A critical outline of the literature of Germany by Albert Maximilian Selss (1865)
"... it a metal glove, which he could use almost as though it had been a hand of flesh and bone. Gotz was constantly at variance with his neighbours; ..."

3. Public Land and Mining Laws of Alaska, the Northwest Territory, and the by Gilbert Wyman (1898)
"Locomotive and car wheel tires of steel in the rough. 552. Meerschaum, crude or raw. 5S3- metal glove fasteners; papier-mache shoe buttons, shoe eyelets, ..."

4. Travels to and from Constantinople in the Years 1827 and 1828, Or, Personal by Charles Colville Frankland (1829)
"... boxer continues to wield the cestus and to inflict dreadful blows upon his adversary, whose face yields token of the cutting edge of the metal glove. ..."

5. Tariff Handbook by Committee on Ways and Means, United States, United States Dept. of the Treasury, Congress (1913)
"Opinion by McClelland, О. Л. Mirrors in leather or paper cases, together with a small comb and in ноте instances a metal glove-button hook and nail pick, ..."

6. Treasury Decisions Under Tariff and Navigation Laws, Etc by United States Dept. of the Treasury, Dept. of the Treasury, United States (1901)
"... the outer flaps being provided with a metal clasp and the contents thereof consisting of a mirror, metal glove buttoner, celluloid mustache comb, ..."

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