Definition of Metal plating

1. Noun. A thin coating of metal deposited on a surface.

Exact synonyms: Plating
Generic synonyms: Coat, Coating
Specialized synonyms: Gold Plate, Silver Plate
Derivative terms: Plate

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Literary usage of Metal plating

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Descriptions of Occupations by United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, United States Employment Service (1918)
"metal plating GROUP ... helper may be assigned to any one or more of the above-mentioned occupations in the metal-plating department. ..."

2. Industrial Arts Index by H.W. Wilson Company (1914)
"Automobile 28: 1302 Je 26 '13 metal plating with the air brush: Schoop Schoop system of metal plating, ¡l Mach 19: 869 Jl '13 dla« Eng M 46:265-8 N '13 SPC ..."

3. Annual Proceedings: Addresses, Reports, Bibliographies and Discussions (1917)
"If I went to the school board and asked them to install instruction in metal plating in the public schools, do you suppose I could get it? ..."

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