Definition of Metal money

1. Noun. Coins collectively.

Exact synonyms: Coinage, Mintage, Specie
Generic synonyms: Currency
Specialized synonyms: Coin

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Literary usage of Metal money

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Money and Currency in Relation to Industry, Prices and the Rate of Interest by Joseph French Johnson (1905)
"CHAPTER IX COMMODITY OR metal money 116. Gold and silver the only metals now used as commodity money. 117. The free coinage of a metal is essential to its ..."

2. Government in State and Nation by James Alton James, Albert Hart Sanford (1911)
"CHAPTER XIX MONEY OF THE UNITED STATES I. metal money OK COIN WHENEVER men trade or exchange commodities they find some form of money very convenient, ..."

3. Arithmetic: Primary (second and Third Years) : Ratio and Number by William Estabrook Chancellor (1902)
"... metal money One dollar is equal to one hundred cents. $ is the sign for one dollar, or 100 cents. A half dollar is half 100 cents, ..."

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