Definition of Musical phrase

1. Noun. A short musical passage.

Exact synonyms: Phrase
Group relationships: Air, Line, Melodic Line, Melodic Phrase, Melody, Strain, Tune
Generic synonyms: Musical Passage, Passage
Specialized synonyms: Ligature, Ostinato
Derivative terms: Phrasal

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Literary usage of Musical phrase

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Musical World (1857)
"(This distinction between the Phrase of Music and those of Poetry being owing to the fact that the musical phrase is unrestricted by the necessity that ..."

2. Hints on Singing by Manuel Garcia (1894)
"Q. What is a musical phrase ? A. In rhythmical music, four bars (less commonly three, and more rarely still two) constitute a musical phrase. ..."

3. The Early Education of Children by Laura L. Plaisted (1918)
"Elements of Musical Knowledge taught through the Song or simple musical phrase. Just as we follow the line of the child's interests in the early reading ..."

4. The True Method of Tone Production: A New and Complete Course of Voice Training by John Andrew Broekhoven (1908)
"For a musical phrase may begin on any beat or division of a measure, and the breathing place must conform to the musical phrase. In many vocal compositions ..."

5. Music (1899)
"The musical phrase evolved from the song—a suggestion of the song in simple ... The musical phrase leading up to a comprehension of the song's elements. ..."

6. Studies of the Eighteenth Century in Italy by Vernon Lee (1908)
"It is upon the character of this musical phrase that depends the character of the piece, sonata, symphony, aria, call it whatever you like, just as it is on ..."

7. Dwight's Journal of Music: A Paper of Art and Literature by John Sullivan Dwight (1873)
"The pitch and compass of the то!се having thus been attended to, musical phrase« of easy rhythmical structure are next taught in double and in triple time, ..."

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