Definition of Musical soiree

1. Noun. A soiree assembled for the purpose of listening to music.

Exact synonyms: Soiree Musicale
Generic synonyms: Soiree

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Literary usage of Musical soiree

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Travels in North America During the Years 1834, 1835 & 1836: Including a by Charles Augustus Murray (1839)
"General Shelby's Farm. — Situation of Lexington. —Its Public Institutions.—System of Education in America. —Lunatic Asylum.—Evening Parties.—musical soiree. ..."

2. The Homes of the New World: Impressions of America by Fredrika Bremer (1853)
"... Fanny Kemble's reading of Shakspeare's " Midsummer Night's Dream," and after that with Emerson to a musical soiree at the house of a wealthy merchant, ..."

3. On Trek in the Transvaal: Or, Over Berg and Veldt in South Africa by Harriet A. Roche (1878)
"Another storm—A musical soiree round the camp-fire— Kafir attire—A frog Babel—The cattle disease of South Africa — Honeymooning on trek — Kafir candles—The ..."

4. The American Citizen: His Rights and Duties, According to the Spirit of the by John Henry Hopkins (1857)
"NEXT to visiting, and dinner or evening parties, the musical soiree, the conversation party, the exhibition of tableaux, the ball or dancing-party, ..."

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