Definition of Musical theme

1. Noun. (music) melodic subject of a musical composition. "The accompanist picked up the idea and elaborated it"

Exact synonyms: Idea, Melodic Theme, Theme
Category relationships: Music
Generic synonyms: Air, Line, Melodic Line, Melodic Phrase, Melody, Strain, Tune
Specialized synonyms: Motif, Motive, Statement, Variation
Derivative terms: Thematic

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Literary usage of Musical theme

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Amiel's Journal: The Journal Intime of Henri-Frédéric Amiel by Henri Frédéric Amiel (1893)
"A musical theme once exhausted, finds its due refuge and repose in silence. 6th February 1877. — I spent the evening with the , and we talked of the anarchy ..."

2. Writing for Vaudeville: With Nine Complete Examples of Various Vaudeville by Brett Page, Joseph Berg Esenwein (1915)
"... is one of the tricks of the trade — as well as of the art of popular music." 6. A musical theme Might be Practically the Entire Song ..."

3. Brahms by John Alexander Fuller-Maitland (1911)
"This will be easily seen by comparing the two verbal phrases, in respect of their adaptation to the same musical theme. Hard indeed must be the heart, ..."

4. The Troubadours of Dante: Being Selections from the Works of the Provençal by Henry John Chaytor (1902)
"If the first part of the stanza was thus divisible, the parts were called ' pedes,' the musical theme or ' oda' of the first ' pes' being repeated for the ..."

5. Report of the ... Conference by Association for the Reform and Codification of the Law of Nations Conference (1887)
"In works of Art, the Composer who composes on a musical theme variations which constitute a new work (nouvelle création) :—50 years from date of publication ..."

6. What men live by: Work, Play, Love, Worship by Richard Clarke Cabot (1914)
"He can no more display himself in a single act or a single year than a musical theme can be expressed in one of its notes. A musical theme is all that it ..."

7. The Auk: Quarterly Journal of Ornithology by American Ornithologists' Union, Nuttall Ornithological Club (1876)
"The arrangement of the ordinary ballad frequently consists of a musical theme for the first line, an answering theme for ..."

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