Definition of Personal expense

1. Noun. The cost of personal or family living. "Some personal expenses are tax deductible"

Generic synonyms: Disbursal, Disbursement, Expense

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Literary usage of Personal expense

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Works of Benjamin Franklin: Including the Private as Well as the by Benjamin Franklin (1904)
"... personal expense ACCOUNT WITH CONGRESS DURING HIS FIRST TWO YEARS' OFFICIAL RESIDENCE IN PARIS NO. 1 Extract of a Resolution of Congress In Congress, ..."

2. The Modern Law of Partnership: Including a Full Consideration of Joint Scott Rowley by Scott Rowley (1916)
"... decision in an Alabama case*1 which holds that personal expense of a partner while engaged in partnership business can not be charged against the firm. ..."

3. The Income Tax and Other Federal Taxes by Joseph Jay Scott (1917)
"NO personal expense. No amount representing the personal, living or family expenses of the taxpayer can be deducted in his return. ..."

4. Report by North Dakota Office of State Auditor (1910)
"personal expense Attorney General 1312.50 personal expense Supt. Public Instruction 1312.50 personal expense Comm•r Agriculture and Labor 1375.00 Personal ..."

5. Federal Income Tax, War-profits and Excess-profits Taxes: Including Stamp by George Edwin Holmes (1921)
"1048, Treasury Bulletin 8-19-317, Such cost is held to ho a personal expense. " OD 310, Treasury Bulletin 25-19-583. [Page 340. ..."

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