Definition of Personal foul

1. Noun. A foul that involves unnecessarily rough contact (as in basketball or football).

Category relationships: Athletics, Sport
Generic synonyms: Foul

Definition of Personal foul

1. Noun. (sports) a breach of the rules in certain sports, particularly involving dangerous play. ¹

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Literary usage of Personal foul

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Play Movement in the United States: A Study of Community Recreation by Clarence Elmer Rainwater (1922)
"For each personal foul made by a player, 2 points will be deducted from the sportsmanship mark of his team, except where the foul is of a flagrant nature; ..."

2. Swimming and Watermanship by Louis de B. Handley (1922)
"The penalty for a personal foul shall be two free throws at an unguarded goal from the 15-foot mark; each throw if successful will count one point. ..."

3. At Home in the Water: Swimming, Diving, Life Saving, Water Sports, Natatoriums by George Hebden Corsan (1914)
"One free trial shall be allowed the opposing team for every technical foul and two free trials for each personal foul committed. 12, Fouls and Penalties: ..."

4. The World Book: Organized Knowledge in Story and Picture edited by Michael Vincent O'Shea, Ellsworth D. Foster, George Herbert Locke (1917)
"What is the difference between a technical foul and a personal foul? What difference is there in the penalty dealt out for them? What advantage has basket ..."

5. Content Area Reading: A Heuristic Approach by Anthony V. Manzo, Ula Casale Manzo (1990)
"A team may score additional points by means of free throws when a member of the opposing team commits a personal foul (hacking, pushing, holding, etc.). ..."

6. Handbook of Athletic Games for Players, Instructors, and Spectators by Jessie Hubbell Bancroft, William Dean Pulvermacher (1916)
"... a fourth personal foul has been made by any player. Score books, filled out in blank upon which such records can be easily kept, can be purchased at any ..."

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