Definition of Male genitals

1. Noun. External male sex organs.

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Literary usage of Male genitals

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Physical Diagnosis by Richard Clarke Cabot (1919)
"THE male genitals. Routine examination of the male genitals includes investigation of the penis for the presence of: (a) Urethral discharge and its ..."

2. On Diseases of the Skin, Including the Exanthemata by Ferdinand Hebra, Charles Hilton Fagge, Moriz Kaposi (1880)
"SOFT CHANCRE ON THE male genitals. Most frequently, the soft chancre is met with on the prepuce and glans; at the margin of the former, in the form of ..."

3. Special Pathology and Diagnostics: With Therapeutic Hints by Charles Godlove Raue (1881)
"male genitals. VENEREAL DISEASES. We understand by this term all those morbid affections of the genitals in particular, and of the whole system in general, ..."

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