Definition of Lophophora

1. Noun. Two species of small cacti of northeastern Mexico and southwestern United States having rounded stems covered with jointed tubercles: mescal.

Exact synonyms: Genus Lophophora
Generic synonyms: Caryophylloid Dicot Genus
Group relationships: Cactaceae, Cactus Family, Family Cactaceae
Member holonyms: Lophophora Williamsii, Mescal, Mezcal, Peyote

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Literary usage of Lophophora

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Cactaceae: Descriptions and Illustrations of Plants of the Cactus Family by Nathaniel Lord Britton, Joseph Nelson Rose (1922)
"In its fruits, seeds, and flowers it approaches Ariocarpus, but in other respects it is very different. 1. Lophophora williamsii (Lemaire) Coulter, Contr. ..."

2. Public Documents of the State of North Dakota: Being the Annual and Biennial by North Dakota (1912)
"... and Lophophora Williamsii, respectively. The word "mescal" should not be confused with a similar tern which is applied to a distilled liquor prepared by ..."

3. Bulletin by United States Bureau of Plant Industry (1901)
"Lophophora. From Washington, DC Received through Mr. WT Swingle, February, 1900. ... Lophophora WILLIAMSII. From Washington, I). C. Received through Mr. WT ..."

4. The Geographical Journal by Royal Geographical Society (Great Britain). (1903)
"... there is only one or two varieties of cacti worshipped, namely, Lophophora ... and Lophophora Williamsii, var. ..."

5. Cyclopedia of American Horticulture: Comprising Suggestions for Cultivation by Liberty Hyde Bailey, Wilhelm Miller (1900)
"The genera Astrophytum and Lophophora are here included, although they seem to be very different from the typical forms of Echinocactus. ..."

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