Definition of Saussure

1. Noun. Swiss linguist and expert in historical linguistics whose lectures laid the foundations for synchronic linguistics (1857-1913).

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Literary usage of Saussure

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Guide to the Genera and Classification of the North American Orthoptera by Samuel Hubbard Scudder (1897)
"(Table of species) Saussure, Prodr. Oedip, 65-66 (1884). ... Bost. soc. nat. hist., xvii, 479 (1875); Saussure, Prodr. Oedip., 72 (1884). ..."

2. Entomological News and Proceedings of the Entomological Section of the by Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia Entomological Section (1903)
"Texas ; recorded l>y Saussure and Zehntner. Shovel Mount, Burnet Co , June 21 and July 25, 1901 (Schaupp). Round Mountain, Blanco Co. (Schaupp.i. ..."

3. Lake Geneva and Its Literary Landmarks by Francis Henry Gribble (1901)
"CHAPTER XXII THE ILLUSTRIOUS DE Saussure—HIS EXPLORATIONS OF THE ALPS HIS ... The great de Saussure's father was Nicolas de Saussure, himself a man of some ..."

4. The Zoological Record ...: Being Records of Zoological Literature by Zoological Record Association (London, England), Zoological Society of London (1869)
"New genera and species :— Hypocrita, gn, Saussure, Rev. et Mag. de Zool. ... Saussure describes the following new species of this genus :—B. dilatata, ..."

5. The Annals of Philosophy by Richard Phillips, E W Brayley (1816)
"It gave me great surprise that the conclusions I deduced from my experiments should have been so far misunderstood by so acute and able a writer as Saussure ..."

6. The British Consuls in the Confederacy by Milledge Louis Bonham (1911)
"While this was taking its slow course through military channels, General de Saussure sent the letters received from Moroso and Walker to Governor Bonham, ..."

7. The Works of Benjamin Franklin: Including the Private as Well as the by Benjamin Franklin (1904)
"M. de 1 M. de Saussure was the well-known professor at Geneva, celebrated for his philosophical writings, and for his ascent of Mont Blanc.—ED. ..."

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