Definition of Art form

1. Noun. (architecture) a form of artistic expression (such as writing or painting or architecture).

Generic synonyms: Form, Kind, Sort, Variety
Specialized synonyms: Architectural Style, Style Of Architecture, Type Of Architecture, Sonata Form
Category relationships: Architecture

Definition of Art form

1. Noun. Any activity or piece of work that has artistic merit ¹

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Literary usage of Art form

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Modern Art: Being a Contribution to a New System of æsthetics by Julius Meier-Graefe (1908)
"... AS AN ART-FORM IF we consider Signac solely as the creator of his best works, as we are bound to do, we shall pronounce him a man full of refinement, ..."

2. Proportion and Harmony of Line and Color in Painting, Sculpture, and by George Lansing Raymond (1899)
"... in Paintings, Statues, and Buildings Considered as Wholes — Form in General as Treated in " The Genesis of Art-Form " — Form in Particular as Treated in ..."

3. University Musical Encyclopedia by Louis Charles Elson (1910)
"CHAPTER XXII ORATORIO AS AN ART-FORM Definitions—Oratorio and Opera—Secular and Sacred—Distinction of Forms—Oratorio Compared to a Cathedral— The Highest ..."

4. Art and the Formation of Taste: Six Lectures by Lucy Crane (1885)
"DECORATIVE ART —FORM. IN the last lecture, I attempted to describe to you the origin and nature of the useful arts, — " operations of the hand and the ..."

5. Dwight's Journal of Music: A Paper of Art and Literature by John Sullivan Dwight (1880)
"The Concerto belongs essentially to the latter art form, ... The " Suite " U an art form which developed itself in the course of the seventeenth century, ..."

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