Definition of Art teacher

1. Noun. Someone who teaches art.

Generic synonyms: Instructor, Teacher

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Literary usage of Art teacher

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. American Art Directory by R.R. Bowker Company, American Federation of Arts (1898)
"To know her subject the art teacher should be a student whose knowledge is not bounded by her specialty. One cannot know one subject and know it well. ..."

2. The American Magazine of Art by American Federation of Arts (1916)
"Few realize in this connection that the salesman is a practical art teacher and directs the choice of his customer in a great majority of cases. ..."

3. Addresses and Proceedings by National Education Association of the United States, National Teachers' Association (U.S.)., American Normal School Association, Central College Association (1902)
"ual training too often has but little use for the free-hand blotches of the art teacher, and the latter is equally disturbed by the ..."

4. Domestic Art in Woman's Education: For the Use of Those Studying the Method by Anna Maria Cooley (1911)
"The most important service the domestic-art teacher can render during this period is ... During this adolescent period, the domestic-art teacher should be ..."

5. Report by New South Wales Dept. of Education (1895)
"Mr. OH Hargraves having resigned his position of art teacher at Wagga Wag^a, Mr. ES Henderson, assistant in the Sydney Art Classes, was appointed in his ..."

6. The Life of John Linnell by Alfred Thomas Story (1892)
"... in Art—Murillo—Rubens—Rembrandt—Raphael—The Dutch School—The Italian School—Taste and Morals—Qualifications of an Art-teacher—Figure-drawing. ..."

7. Becoming One Community: Reading & Writing with English Language Learners by Kathleen Fay, Suzanne Whaley (2004)
"Many teachers use sketchbooks to help the children record their observations in science. 4 Photography. art teacher Dania ..."

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