Definition of Art movement

1. Noun. A group of artists who agree on general principles.

Definition of Art movement

1. Noun. (arts) Any of many styles of art having an underlying philosophy or goal; many of them have names with an ''-ism'' suffix. ¹

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Literary usage of Art movement

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Few Chapters in Workshop Re-construction and Citizenship by Charles Robert Ashbee (1894)
"An art movement is judged by its men, and at the bottom of all lies character, ... Earnest men and honest work make an art movement, and its relative ..."

2. In Praise of Film Studies: Essays in Honor of Makino Mamoruby Mark Howard Nornes, Mamoru Makino, Aaron Gerow by Mark Howard Nornes, Mamoru Makino, Aaron Gerow (2001)
"The inaugural issue of Tane maku hito ("The Sowers") in October 1921 was the germination of the proletarian art movement in Japan. This magazine was ruined ..."

3. The Quest of Happiness: A Study of Victory Over Life's Troubles by Newell Dwight Hillis (1902)

4. The Modern High School: Its Administration and Extension by Charles Hughes Johnston (1914)
"It is, in truth, a plain tale of sixteen years' work in establishing an art movement in connection with the public high school of Richmond, Ind., ..."

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