Definition of Art paper

1. Noun. A high-quality paper (usually having a filler of china clay).

Category relationships: China Clay, China Stone, Kaolin, Kaoline, Porcelain Clay, Terra Alba
Generic synonyms: Paper

Definition of Art paper

1. Noun. Any type of paper that has a specific use in art. ¹

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Literary usage of Art paper

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Paper Technology: An Elementary Manual on the Manufacture, Physical by Robert Walter Sindall (1906)
"Section of art paper coated one side only, cording to the quality of showing coating matter on surface. ..."

2. Printing: A Practical Treatise on the Art of Typography as Applied More by Charles Thomas Jacobi (1908)
"What means would you employ (1) to prevent, and (2) to overcome, stretchability in art paper for three-colour work? 4. Give the name of the composing ..."

3. Chapters on Papermaking by Clayton Beadle (1908)
"If you could very much magnify an art paper when viewed in sections, you would notice the surface of the paper proper, ie, the waterleaf, has an undulating ..."

4. The Manufacture of Paper by Robert Walter Sindall (1908)
"condition of coating on an art paper. If the coating is firm and adherent, then on pressing the moistened thumb on to the surface none of the coating matter ..."

5. The Literary Year-book by Joseph Jacobs (1905)
"Photogravure Portrait and 16 full-page Illustrations on art paper, by P. 1). HICKLING. (480 pp.) THE CLOISTER AND THE HEARTH. By CHARLES READE- Photogravure ..."

6. Papers and Proceedings of the ... General Meeting of the American Library by General Meeting, American Library Association (1904)
"The so-called "art-paper," which is largely employed for modern illustrated works, is mostly a poor quality paper, coated with a material containing clay. ..."

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