Definition of Personal judgement

1. Noun. A judgment rendered against an individual (or corporation) for the payment of money damages.

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Literary usage of Personal judgement

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Unity of Western Civilization: Essays by Francis Sydney Marvin (1915)
"We seek to fortify the separate centres of personal judgement, to inform the individual mind, because the work of making a positive contribution to the ..."

2. The Nature of Truth: An Essay by Harold Henry Joachim (1906)
"... as well as with the content of our personal judgement, volition, or emotion, which gives to all human experience, speculative, moral, and artistic, ..."

3. The New Testament in the original Greek by Brooke Foss Westcott, Fenton John Anthony Hort (1896)
"Nevertheless in almost all texts variations occur where personal judgement inevitably takes a large part in the final decision. In these cases there is no ..."

4. The Statesmen of the Commonwealth of England: With a Treatise on the Popular by John Forster (1862)
"Whether the personal judgement of the king single, or the vote of the senate, that is, the kingdom's representative body ? The Third Querie M, ..."

5. The Journal of Thomas Chalkley: To which is Annexed, a Collection of His Works by Thomas Chalkley (1808)
"... suspend personal judgement, without we could see the hearts of men ; and if we think we do, then to imitate God and Christ, who mixes mercy and love ..."

6. Security Awareness in the 1980s: Featured Articles From Security Awareness (1992)
"A question of personal judgement? Yes, of course. Professional decision-making is something we do constantly. It's inescapable. But in this case, ..."

7. The Writing of English: By P. J. Hartog ... with the Assistance of Mrs. Amy by Philip Joseph Hartog, Amy H. Langdon (1907)
"... have no personal and firsthand knowledge in a form implying personal judgement, the result of such training must be superficiality and a grave weakening ..."

8. Is Conscience an Emotion?: Three Lectures on Recent Ethical Theories by Hastings Rashdall (1914)
"The question, be it remembered, is not as to the infallibility of my personal judgement. The individual human intellect is not infallible, ..."

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