Definition of Research director

1. Noun. A supervisor in a research center.

Exact synonyms: Director Of Research
Generic synonyms: Supervisor

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Literary usage of Research director

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The American Year Book: A Record of Events and Progress by Francis Graham Wickware, (, Albert Bushnell Hart, (, Simon Newton Dexter North (1916)
"Baltimore, Bureau of State and Municipal Research ; director, W. II. Maltbie. ... XY, Westchester County Bureau of Municipal Research; director, ..."

2. The American Year Book by Simon Newton Dexter North, Francis Graham Wickware, Albert Bushnell Hart (1914)
"Jersey City, Bureau of Municipal Research : director, Frank Stevens. 46 Montgomery Street: February, 1912. Philadelphia, Bureau of Municipal Research ..."

3. South African Social Attitudes: Changing Times, Diverse Voices by Stephen P. Rule, Udesh Pillay, Benjamin Roberts (2007)
"... Pretoria John Daniel research director Democracy and Governance Research Programme Human Sciences Research Council Andrew Dawes research director Child, ..."

4. More Work Per Man: Tested and Selected Methods of Managing Men by John Herbert Van Deventer (1921)
"The director of personnel research would be well equipped to carry on such an analysis for the sales department. The research director must always be ..."

5. Public Attitudes in Contemporary South Africa: Insights from an Hsrc Survey by Human Sciences Research Council (2002)
"John Daniel is head of the Publications Department and a research director in the Democracy and Governance programme of the Human Sciences Research Council. ..."

6. State of the Nation: South Africa 2004-2005 by John Daniel, Roger Southall, Jessica Lutchman (2005)
"... Defence Sector Programme, Insitute for Security Studies (ISS) Linda Chisholm research director, Child, Youth and Family Development Research Programme, ..."

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