Definition of Research project

1. Noun. Research into questions posed by scientific theories and hypotheses.

Exact synonyms: Scientific Research
Generic synonyms: Research
Specialized synonyms: Big Science, Biological Research, Experiment, Experimentation
Specialized synonyms: Human Genome Project

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Literary usage of Research project

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Agriculture in the City: A Key to Sustainability in Havana, Cuba by María Caridad Cruz, Roberto Sánchez Medina (2003)
"Securing Funds and Resources The research project has benefited the Fundacion Antonio Nunez Jimenez by ... Projects Supported by the research project 1. ..."

2. Usage and Usability Assessment: Library Practices and Concerns by Denise Troll Covey (2002)
"Issues in Implementing a research project Several issues in implementing a research project have already been described. For example • Selecting the ..."

3. Approval and Monitoring of Narcotic Treatment Programs: A Guide on the Roles by Lynne C. McArthur, Yvonne Goldsberry (1998)
"(b) An application for an authorization of confidentiality with respect to a research project which involves the administering of a controlled drug may ..."

4. Developments in School Finance edited by William J. Fowler, William J. Fowler, Jr. (1998)
"Report of the Cooperative research project on 'Leading Victoria's Schools of the Future', ... Cooperative research project. 1996. Three year report card. ..."

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