Definition of President Taylor

1. Noun. 12th President of the United States; died in office (1784-1850).

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Literary usage of President Taylor

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents, 1789-1897 by United States President (1897)
"... President Taylor. ANNOUNCEMENT TO MR. FILLMORE. [From official records in the State Department.] DEPARTMENT OF STATE, MU,X,ARD FILLMORE, Washington, ..."

2. Thirty Years' View: Or, A History of the Working of the American Government by Thomas Hart Benton (1858)
"DEATH OF President Taylor. HE died in the second year of his presidency, ... President Taylor considered that question to be one between the United States ..."

3. History of the Rise and Fall of the Slave Power in America by Henry Wilson (1875)
"The admissions of the latter AT that time of timidity, wavering, and weakness in both Houses of Congress, President Taylor stood firm, collected, ..."

4. The Life of John Taylor: Third President of the Church of Jesus Christ of by Brigham Henry Roberts, John Taylor (1892)
"President Taylor, surrounded by his family, his counselors and a few personal friends, received them cordially, and exchanged kindly greetings. ..."

5. The Court Circles of the Republic, Or, The Beauties and Celebrities of the by Elizabeth Fries Ellet, R. E. Mack (1869)
"... last Levee—Amusing Visit of General Cass to President Taylor—His personal Appearance—Ladies of his Party—Inauguration Ceremonies—Comical Description of ..."

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