Definition of President Pierce

1. Noun. 14th President of the United States (1804-1869).

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Literary usage of President Pierce

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Great Debates in American History: From the Debates in the British by United States Congress, Marion Mills Miller, Great Britain Parliament (1913)
"and William H. Seward [NY]—President Pierce Frustrates Filibustering Expedition of Ex-Governor John A. Quitman— The Ostend Manifesto—Secretary Marcy Opposes ..."

2. John Sherman's Recollections of Forty Years in the House, Senate and Cabinet by John Sherman (1895)
"Many of the Democrats still supported the administration of President Pierce, and acquiesced in the doctrine of popular sovereignty in the territories. ..."

3. Great Debates in American Hist: From the Debates in the British Parliament by United States Congress, Great Britain Parliament, Marion Mills Miller (1913)
"President Pierce Issues Proclamation Against Interference in Kansas by Men of the Bordering States—House of Representatives. Sends Investigating Committee ..."

4. American Book Prices Current (1913)
"7, '13. (279) $3.00. Liberty Tree. Bost., 1842. lomo. Cl. (presentation copy from President Pierce, with autograph Life of Franklin Pierce. First edition. ..."

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