Definition of President Lyndon Johnson

1. Noun. 36th President of the United States; was elected vice president and succeeded Kennedy when Kennedy was assassinated (1908-1973).

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Literary usage of President Lyndon Johnson

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. India and the United States: Estranged Democracies, 1941-1991 by Dennis Kux (1994)
"... Visits: Lyndon Johnson and Ayub Khan The first senior US visitor to South Asia during the Kennedy administration was Vice President Lyndon Johnson, ..."

2. The Price of Dominance: The New Weapons of Mass Destruction and Their by Jan Lodal (2001)
"... JOHNSON AT GLASSBORO President Lyndon Johnson had approved the deployment of the Sentinel ABM system in 1967, focused not on the Soviet Union's missile ..."

3. The Culture of Violence by Kumar Rupesinghe (1994)
"President Lyndon Johnson may have aggravated the situation unknowingly by promoting the creation of "The Great Society." Such language inspired hope, ..."

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