Definition of Capital of iran

1. Noun. The capital and largest city of Iran; located in northern Iran.

Exact synonyms: Iranian Capital, Teheran, Tehran
Generic synonyms: National Capital
Group relationships: Iran, Islamic Republic Of Iran, Persia

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Literary usage of Capital of iran

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Great Saviors of the World by Abhedānanda (1911)
"In this war Ar j asp successfully stormed the capital of Iran, sacked the city, destroyed the holy temples and massacred the priests while they were engaged ..."

2. American Airpower Comes of Age: General Henry H. "Hap" Arnold's World War II by General Henry H. Arnold, John W. Huston (2001)
"... is approximately 60 miles west of Baghdad in central Iraq; Tehran is the capital of Iran. Traveling in a straight line between the two cities, ..."

3. Arminius Vambéry: His Life and Adventures by Ármin Vámbéry (1884)
"I rode into the capital of Iran through a narrow gate in this wall, and had to push my way through the throng of pedestrians, horsemen and laden mules that ..."

4. The Judgment of the Sword: The Tale of the Kabul Tragedy, and of the Part by Maud Diver (1913)
"... were once Kings of Afghanistan, taking command from no man, and carrying their conquests even to the capital of Iran. Shall such lions lie down like ..."

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