Definition of Purple emperor

1. Noun. Large European butterfly the male of which has wings shaded with purple.

Exact synonyms: Apatura Iris
Generic synonyms: Emperor, Emperor Butterfly

Definition of Purple emperor

1. Noun. A large, dark brown and white (female), or purple and white (male) butterfly, ''Apatura iris'', of the family Nymphalidae. ¹

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Literary usage of Purple emperor

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. British Butterflies by James Duncan, Georges Cuvier (1860)
"purple emperor. st pattern Irit. PLATE XXI. Pap. Iris, Linn.—Donovan, pi. 37. c?—Lewin, pi. 16.- purple emperor, Harris.—Purple Highflyer, Wilk ANTENN. ..."

2. The Kipling Reader for Upper Grades by Rudyard Kipling (1912)
"It was the purple emperor, with his high, tight, plate-glass cab and green velvet cushion, ... Now, in the darkest night, even as the purple emperor said, ..."

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