Definition of Department of economics

1. Noun. The academic department responsible for teaching and research in economics.

Exact synonyms: Economics Department
Generic synonyms: Academic Department

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Literary usage of Department of economics

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Year Book by Carnegie Institution of Washington (1908)
"department of economics AND SOCIOLOGY* CARROLL D. WRIGHT, DIRECTOR. During the past year this Department has employed something over 185 different ..."

2. The Teaching of Economics in Harvard University: A Report by Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University, Division of Education (1917)
"... MEMBERS OF THE department of economics ON August 4, 1913, the following circular letter was sent to members of the Department of Economics: As a part of ..."

3. Principles of Economics: With Special Reference to American Conditions by Edwin Robert Anderson Seligman (1914)
"Prepared for the Department of Economics and Sociology of the Carnegie Institute of Washington. A separate volume, ranging from 66 to 1136 pages for each ..."

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