Definition of President Franklin Roosevelt

1. Noun. 32nd President of the United States; elected four times; instituted New Deal to counter the Great Depression and led country during World War II (1882-1945).

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Literary usage of President Franklin Roosevelt

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Opportunity 2000: Creative Affirmative Action Strategies for a Changing (1988)
"... A Historical Note In 1939 President Franklin Roosevelt appointed a National Resources Planning Board to examine the Nation's resources policy options. ..."

2. The Imperial Temptation: The New World Order and America's Purpose by Robert W. Tucker, David C. Hendrickson (1992)
"President Franklin Roosevelt, Address to Congress, March 1, 1945, The Public Papers and Addresses of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Samuel I. Rosenman, ed. ..."

3. Wit and Wisdom: A Public Affairs Miscellany by Colin Bingham (1982)
"President Franklin Roosevelt There are no easy matters that will ever come to you as President. If they are easy they will be settled at a lower level. ..."

4. Health Security: The President's Report to the American People by Domestic Policy Council (U. S.) (1993)
"In 1933, when President Franklin Roosevelt launched the initiative that became the Social Security Act, he intended to include national health insurance. ..."

5. Canada's Atlantic Provinces: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland by Barbara Radcliffe Rogers, Stillman Rogers (2005)
"President Franklin Roosevelt spent his childhood and early adult summers on Campobello Island, and it was at this 34-room cottage that he was stricken with ..."

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