Definition of Personal magnetism

1. Noun. A personal attractiveness or interestingness that enables you to influence others.

Exact synonyms: Charisma, Personal Appeal
Generic synonyms: Attractiveness, Interest, Interestingness
Derivative terms: Charismatic

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Literary usage of Personal magnetism

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll by Robert Green Ingersoll (1900)
"To a reporter of The Commercial Gazette, the Colonel spoke freely and interestingly upon a variety of subjects, from personal magnetism in politics to mob ..."

2. Argumentation and Debating by William Trufant Foster (1917)
"personal magnetism. The power of a speaker to draw 1 The Nation, November 23,1916. ... personal magnetism."

3. How to Speak in Public by Grenville Kleiser (1906)
"personal magnetism. This subtle power of attraction is a quality possessed by few persons. ... personal magnetism ..."

4. How to Speak in Public by Grenville Kleiser (1906)
"personal magnetism. This subtle power of attraction is a quality possessed by few persons. It is a potent influence in swaying and moving an audience, ..."

5. Baltimore: Its History and Its People by Clayton Colman Hall, Lewis Historical Publishing Co (1912)
"In all Mr. Emmart is a plain, strong, dependable sort of a man, who has that indefinable something called personal magnetism that draws men to him. ..."

6. Gotama Buddha: A Biography (based on the Canonical Books of the Theravādin) by Kenneth James Saunders (1920)
"personal magnetism, moral prestige, and above all radiant confidence in his discovery—these are the main elements in his success. ..."

7. Story-telling, Questioning and Studying, Three School Arts by Herman Harrell Horne (1916)
"Tell the story with all the personal magnetism you can muster. Weave the spell of the story-teller's art. ..."

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