Definition of Personal matters

1. Noun. Matters of personal concern. "Get his affairs in order"

Exact synonyms: Affairs, Personal Business
Generic synonyms: Concern
Specialized synonyms: Dirty Laundry, Dirty Linen

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Literary usage of Personal matters

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Analyzed Bible by George Campbell Morgan (1909)
"This last section of the letter consists of personal matters; and a closing ... I. personal matters i. His MISSION TO THE GENTILES There are incidental ..."

2. The Life and Times of Henry Clay by Calvin Calton (1846)
"personal matters.—Public Affairs.—The Hoary Statesman in Private Life. AFTER Mr. CLAY had retired to private life, in the spring of 1842, ..."

3. Political Recollections, 1840 to 1872 by George Washington Julian (1884)
"Morton and reconstruction—Report of Committee on the Conduct of the War— Discussion of negro suffrage and incidents—personal matters —Suffrage in the ..."

4. Book-auction Recordsby Frank Karslake by Frank Karslake (1906)
"A few personal matters remain to be dealt with. As a thorough system of abbreviation is adopted in BAR the publication might be thought liable to suffer in ..."

5. Travels in Egypt, Arabia Petræa, and the Holy Land by Stephen Olin (1860)
"personal matters.—Illness.—Reception by the American Missionaries — J*ev. Messrs. Lanneau and Sherman.—Character of the Missionaries. ..."

6. Public School Methods (1916)
"personal matters. In the chapter The Schoolhouse and Grounds we have spoken of the teacher's relations to the school authorities, we now wish to call ..."

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