Definition of Personal letter

1. Noun. A letter dealing with personal affairs.

Generic synonyms: Letter, Missive
Specialized synonyms: Billet, Line, Note, Short Letter, Billet Doux, Love Letter

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Literary usage of Personal letter

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. St. Nicholas by Mary Mapes Dodge (1906)
"Francis Lewis, a Welshman, is represented by a personal letter which shows his extraordinarily fine penmanship, and is dated 1772. ..."

2. Our Cities Awake: Notes on Municipal Activities and Administration by Morris Llewellyn Cooke (1918)
"... is best presented by the excerpts from an open letter which I addressed to every member of the department. personal letter TO EMPLOYEES ..."

3. Life of Tom Horn, Government Scout and Interpreter: Government Scout and by Tom Horn (1904)
"... Resigns and Goes to Mining—Horn Recalled by personal letter From Miles—An Exciting Indian Chase—Horn Brings Geronimo and Dispatches for Miles—Miles Will ..."

4. Studies for Personal Workers by Howard Agnew Johnston (1903)
"Read again Paul's personal letter to Philemon, and John's personal letter to Gaius. (3 John.) It is known that Phillips Brooks practised this method of ..."

5. Business English and Correspondence by Roy Davis, Clarence Hart Lingham (1921)
"The one who receives it is not likely to be as warmly interested in its contents as in those of a personal letter. He probably feels that hundreds and ..."

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